I Shred

I’ve been writing or blogging for 25 years. I started writing to self soothe when coming down from Ecstasy. Originally my medium was pen and paper. Then AOL. After that, MySpace. Until, drugs.

My early screen names included Logboi, Bloodninja, Anotherlogan, Ohmygodude, and ScourgeoftheWest.

I stopped doing drugs in 2019. I didn’t quit, I just don’t do them anymore.

After my withdrawals ended I needed something to do with myself besides drugs. I decided to get back into writing.

I didn’t feel like being Logan Mora who ruined his career and burned all his bridges during the last 5 years of his addiction. He had to start from scratch with nothing but a backpack full of clothes in his early 40’s. Who’s going to want to read that loser’s writing?

I became Hogan Torah. A parody of a Hollywood rich kid who owned two Yogurtlands and sold products on Amazon. The guy who’s having sex with your girlfriend when she doesn’t pick up. I amplified my own previous insecurities that were the root cause of 20 years of drug abuse and used it as a comic device.

At first Hogan bombed on Quora. I was getting some eyes but not the attention I felt my stories deserved. I dropped the backstory by telling the tale of who I really was. But I kept the Hogan Torah gimmick.

Bang! 20 million views in the one year I was there before I was banned. I was the catalyst for a paradigm shift on Quora away from who’s right towards entertainment. People sent hundreds of unsolicited self shot nudes for my Boneyard space. Some say I ruined Quora. I say.

Google me, I autofill.

I made a conscious decision to become Hogan Torah full time. This is no longer an act. I am a performance artist using Medium as my medium.

I’m here until I find the right creative opportunity that gives me a reason not to be here.

Or I get banned which is likely.

My truth is stranger than fiction

My Hebrew Name is Leib Minacham. I’m the son of a Mouseketeer and a Kent State massacre survivor. I was born in San Diego in the late 70’s. Raised in Los Angeles in the late 80’s. I’ve lived all over Southern California. From Chula Vista to Santa Barbara.

I come from a long line of bad asses. My father Brady Morrow was president of a bank, original Mickey Mouse Club actor and well connected. He passed from cancer in 1999. My sister Cerise Ibach is the owner of Oceana Hook and Line Fresh Seafood Market. My mother would rather I leave her out of my stories. So I do.

I went to CalArts for 4 years. Mostly to bang art broads and do drugs.

I was cut off by my parents shortly after and started selling drugs full time. Mostly weed but I loved raves and desert parties and all the drugs that came with it.

Then I got busted.

Married twice. Can’t say I recommend it. Two ex-wives. I’ve dated over 100 women all named girlfriend.

It doesn’t matter how old I am, but I’m 40ish.

I’m all about photo editing with GIMP, obsessed with pro wrestling, infatuated with music videos, quantum physics is my jam, I collect Sony gadgets and Lladro figurines.

I’m a motorcycle riding, beer drinking, swearing, tough son of a bitch who loves to fight and fuck. If I respect you and you show me the same I will always have your back. If you step on my toes you’re going to have a bad time.

This is war for me.

Why I write
My goal is to inspire and entertain. I start every story the same way everyone does. With a blank text box. There’s no magic or SEO tricks in what I do. I just want to write something that’s captivating.

I’m here to change the world and empower people one mind at a time. My enemies are negativity, fear, and ignorance. I fight them every day on this HTML5 based platform. My weapon is an Azio keyboard with Cherry red switches.

You deserve to feel loved. Yesterday don’t mean shit. Tomorrow is the day you have to face. You have more power than you think. What do you want your message to be?

This is my Medium.