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You Will Never be the Hot Guy

I’m going to tell you something I wish someone told me. You will never be hot to the girls in your class. One or two boys are the designated hot ones. You don’t want to be a hot boy. Trust me. As long as you are considered cute you will get girls. The girls a year or two younger than you may consider you hot, but you’ll never be hot to girls your age.

I was also cute. What was the difference between me and the guy they all considered hot? We were same height, same build, same ethnicity, wore similar brands. But I wasn’t one of the boys that the girls called hot.

I started working out in 9th grade because I want to be hot dammit! By 12th grade I was 132 lbs of rock solid muscle. But still considered cute. As I’ve gotten older I’ve transitioned to handsome which still isn’t hot. George Clooney has remained hot but I’m still handsome.

For a guy (or girl) you don’t have to fall within the exact definition of beauty for someone to be attracted to you. Everyone has their preferences. I knew a girl who said that you know it was a good night when you bring a guy home and you’re not sure who’s jeans are who’s . She weighed 90lbs.

I personally have an affinity for tall girls. The taller the better. I’m 5’8″ tallest bird I’ve been with was 6’4″ . She thought I had come over to talk to her little blond friend. No. Whats your name? She was WNBA for a few seasons.

Do you think being labeled a fuck boy is a good thing? The hot guys will be able to effortlessly get girls causing them to think that they are interesting and never bother developing a personality. My last girlfriend was hot from birth and just expected me to do everything while she sat around looking hot. She had the personality of an ungrateful bitch.

Enjoy being cute and Savior the experience of being rejected. Some people have it much worse.

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