Don’t believe everything that you read. Even this.


So, for the last 3 days I’ve seen this heart wrenching picture on social media sites, news sites, and forwarded emails from my Grandma. Which is weird because she’s been dead for 20 years. But that’s how viral this went.

As of now, almost 500k was raised from 20k+ donors across the world through the GoFundMe page created by the celebrity dwarf. The donations will go to the 9(?) year old Australian and his mother to visit Disneyland in California….




Where to begin…

When did sorrow turn into piles of money? I got my ass kicked and teased every day at school. Anyone else here get bulled at school? How much was raised for your gofundme?

Where did they send you? Spacecamp? Six Flags? Bowling?

You got your ass kicked by your Dad when you got home for getting your ass kicked? Me too!

Anyone else get a half million to go to Disneyland? No? Which celebrities rallied to your aid? Did anyone give a shit?

This kid doesn’t need a trip to Disneyland, he needs some Krav Magev lessons or a bat. The parents need to put their fucking phone camera down and go into the school and raise hell like my Mom did. Recording your son after he got his ass beat then uploading it for the world to see? Was the kid cool with that? What the fuck mom?

Getting bullied is something everyone deals with at some point

Now there’s rumblings of this all being a hoax. What do I think? I think there’s at least 20k people in this world with a misguided sense of apathy. Look at those eyes though, the poor kid’s only 9, he’s so sad. Or is he?

It doesn’t matter if the kids 9 or 19. Don’t donate money to these people! You aren’t helping shit.

The dwarf man/child can live at Disneyland for a few years with that kind of money. But eventually he’ll go back home and he’s going to get his ass kicked again because now he’s that famous dwarf kid. Are you going to send him money the next time it happens?

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