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Everything I Know About Being a Writer I Learned from Pro Wrestling

As it pertains to pro wrestling a cheap pop is when you do something easy and basic to get a rise out of the crowd. It can be as simple as raising your arms.

More advanced would be name dropping city you are in while cutting a promo. If you’re a heel you bury the town if you’re a face you put it over. While cheap pops might get some cheers or boos, that alone isn’t going to win you any fans.

As it pertains to writing a cheap pop is writing about writing. Sure it will get views. People are desperate to connect and make it. But if you don’t have anything new to tell them it’s not going to last.

I’ve figured out what they want my path to success to be. Medium wants me to write about pop culture. About movies, television, and video games. I can, but that’s not what I do best.

If you give people a better option to the same old shit, they will take the better option. I can be that option. Writing about everything and nothing like I’m doing right now.

If I listen to those writing structure programs it changes the tone. Then I won’t like the way it sounds so I spend hours editing until it turns into an even bigger mess.

Pro Wrestling done well sells out stadiums. Pro Wrestling done poorly looks like two guys in their underwear pretending to punch each other.

My goal here is to grow my audience.  Followers mean nothing. It’s fans you want.

Don’t lose your voice and message for the instant gratification of cheap pops. Don’t feed into Hustle Culture. The stench from that man still lingers.

The pops can be addicting but I want to be the guy people paid to see, not a jobber.

Just because you can pop the marks doesn’t mean you’re over. Write about life. Don’t write about yourself. Unless your story is a real success story.

Don’t listen to advice that is given by people that only give advice. They might be making money but they’re still jobbers.

If you partner up with another writer and it’s not working out, don’t be afraid to hit them over the head with a chair and leave them in the ring. The marks love drama.

The most important part of wrestling is how the crowd reacts to you. It’s not up to you if you’re popular, it’s up to them. Not everyone paying 5 bucks a month is writing. Be the guy they paid to see.

Do something original. Do something different that makes them remember your name.Write for your audience.

Get over, brother.