Geracho vs Total Chaos bassist

Get in the car Geracho

Us punks from school all went to the Cobalt cafe. The show was pretty stacked. Total Chaos was headlining. Drew had a bottle of tequila which we all drank out of. Not because we really wanted to drink straight tequila, but so he didn’t drink the whole thing himself and turn into Geracho.

Andy was cool but we fucking hated Geracho. Geracho was who Andy became when he was black out on his feet drunk.

The place was packed. Too packed. I hung out outside which was fine with me as that’s where the action was. I had just come out from a car where I was probably smoking a bowl and I saw Geracho storm out side followed by a none too happy mountain of a man.

Left side. Notice how for behind he’s standing. The other guys are over 6 feet tall. There must have been some manipulation done with this pic because he was HUGE! The girl next to him was his girlfriend and she came up to his elbow in real life.

I recognized him as the bassist of Total Chaos (it’s another guy now, they’ve had a few). Fuck Geracho, really? The other guys were trying to restrain Geracho from escalating this any further. Pleading and begging. The bassist was uninterested in fighting him. Zero challenge. Andy/Geracho were both about 5′10″ 170lbs though Geracho thought he was way bigger. Total Chaos bassist? About 6′7″ not counting hair. Under 400lbs but not by much.

Geracho broke away from our friends, ran up to the bassist, reared back and hit him with everything he had. BOOM! The punch was absorbed by his chest.

I don’t think the guy even blinked when he did it. But he did not look happy. Geracho realized he was fucked and did a 180 and took off running.

I swear Andy took 3 full strides but this guy was so massive he just reached out and grabbed the back of his shirt. Pulled him back, lifted him up, and gave him a quick jab in the face which still was a lot of fist.


Said the 80 or so punks standing outside. Geracho was still swinging but Total Chaos had almost double the reach.

Wham! “Ooooooh!” As Total Chaos thumped him on the roof of a car. When he thumped him on the hood he mercifully went limp. I went to get my Buick Century. When I pulled up to them Geracho was back on his feet talking shit. They shoved him in the car and we drove away.

“Turn around!” Geracho demanded.

I said, “Shut the fuck up Geracho. I’m doing you a favor. Spark this joint and contemplate the choices you made tonight. Because of everybody there you had to pick the guy built like a Snap-On tool truck. You picked a fight with the wrong dude. Let it go.”

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