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Get legal revenge on bullies at school

My mom raised a wimp.

She told me that if some one was picking on me I should go find an adult.  Mom told me to do when I ran to her crying. I can tell you from experience that telling on them will only make it worse and encourage more kids to join in. The problem is as one person pointed out that you can’t take legal action against someone for being mean.

What did I do? I gained 30 pounds of muscle and threw my tormentor down a flight of stairs. I now appreciate him abusing me so badly that it forced me to stand up for myself. We’ve been friends ever since. But this isn’t about me.

What the hell are you watching on TV or Youtube that makes you feel the way to handle a bully is legal action? I admire your problem solving skills as I never considered this solution and I’m Jewish. Exactly what type of compensation are you looking for?

The sad thing is you could probably find a lawer to take your case. Not a good one or one that that would take your case without charging you a ton upfront. You’re the wimp hiring a lawyer because someone hurt your feelings or tripped you. The lawyer you hire will take advantage of you. People will continue to take advantage of you until you stand up for yourself.

No law or money or third party can help you. Standing up for yourself doesn’t mean you have to fight the bullies toe to toe. Your quick whit is useless. You need to physically express to everyone without involving the court that you are the wrong dude to fuck with.

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