Hogan Torah’s final fuck you to Japhtah

Hogan Torah woke up this morning feeling better than he had in a long while.  

It was over. I had done what I came to do. It’s been exactly one year. I’d been trying to get banned from Quora for months. I couldn’t quit but was ready for it to stop a while ago. Because if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.

I lasted one year

Don’t get it twisted. Getting banned was always Hogan Torah’s end game. For the four, I’m sorry. Five. Five people who come to Quora specifically to read the Torah. Sorry you now have to come to a different website to get your fix. The difference between Quora and HoganTorah.com is I’m trying to make you laugh and a Quora will be sold for billions soon. If someone wants to give me thirty grand I’ll never post anything on the internet ever again and take this site off line.  

After all the shit I talked. Rules I bent. People I chased off. Shit I stirred. Feathers I’d rustled. It went down like that. One fucktard with sock puppets for weeks used them all at once to report me. 

That’s bullshit. Pathetic. Hogan deserved better. I planned to go out like a flaming coffin at dusk shot from a catapult into the ocean while the theme song for Greatest American Hero plays while my followers chug a Coors.  

Hello. I’m Logan Paul, and I hate my name.

Want to know why I didn’t use my real name? As a cyber security expert, I can assure you I would never use my birth first and last name on any website with security as shit as that place writing the things I write.  No way I’m giving those incompetent morons at Quora my real ID.  

My stories are his and his are mine one and the same. I’ve not misrepresented anything about who I am besides my name. Oh, and the astral projection thing, which I can do but only with the aid of Ketamine. All my past experiences are true. And if they aren’t who cares? I Can’t make up a back story like that. If I could I wouldn’t have been on that two-bit WordPress template site with the stupid name of Quora. 

I am part owner of a company that makes socks for baby’s and kids. Buy a set. They’re a quality sock with innovative packaging made in the USA. tiny captain on facebook .

Tiny Captain it’s not hard to find. Am I supposed to brand them because my alter ego would?  

Tiny captain hogan torah

Hogan Torah Leopard Socks

I can be like that big fat Mexican guy who was banned. The one who got shitty tattoos all over his face and called himself a life coach. Start promoting myself 24-7. Hogan Torah Baby Socks makes about as much sense as hiring some moron with tattoos on his face to be your life coach.  

Prove it? I’ve always said I have zero interest proving anything I say. I don’t give a shit if you believe I’m partners with Jason. But why the fuck else would I have box of baby socks lying around? Do I look like the kind of person who would purchase a set of high-quality children’s socks in various styles?  

Are you going to miss me asking questions to myself then answering them? You won’t give a shit! You’ll just find some other asshole to enjoy.  

That last line is really a thing of beauty. Look at that fucker for a second. 

hogan torah loves tiny captain

All successful wrestling gimmicks are an amplified version of that wrestler’s personality. Hogan Torah was my gimmick, my alter ego. The Slim Shady to my Marshal Mathers. He’s basically me just with all the levels on the equalizer turned all the way up.   

Hogan was supposed to be an arrogant asshole tweener heel. He doesn’t care if you love him or hate him. As long as he makes you feel something.  

The overconfident overcompensating was part was the character. The Hogan Torah character is extremely insecure. Logan Mora is regular insecure but he’s self-aware of it and uses it in his writing as a device. That’s Logan deflecting. But yeah. Insecure.  

I had “deeply flawed human being” as a credential for a minute but it got collapsed.  

When I started writing on Quora almost exactly a year ago I was fresh out of detox. I needed to find something to do besides acquiring and shooting Heroin all day every day. I wasn’t ready to be me. That’s when I created my latest alter ego. Hogan Torah. 

Hogan Torah is pissed

How dare you slander my name by accusing me of being a creep with no evidence? I’ve never requested a nude from anyone. I just reluctantly provided a space for people to show theirs. I’d like to thank a few special women at Quora who were nice enough to send me racy pictures. They were unsolicited but an extremely pleasant surprise and I would never say anything nor will anyone else ever see them. That’s the crazy thing.

Hogan Torah has never asked for a single nude picture from anyone. My gimmick is that damn good.

I will never say I’m sorry if I’m not. I’m sorry I didn’t raise more hell. When they banned me, they basically wanted to keep the material that gave them 20 million views. Their wording was Hogan Torah was banned. They don’t block IP’s. You want me to change my name and try again? No. No soup for you! My writing lives elsewhere now. I can say whatever I want, and I’m taking advantage of that starting now.

Quora could stop the cancerous person that’s ruining so many good writers and readers experience, but no! Remember the woman that was supposed to write a book with Franklin Veaux only to turn around and accuse him of threatening her? Same asshole! Kernan, Bates, and Fanny know who I’m talking about. Haven’t ever talked to those guys. I know they know who I’m talking about though. I named it Japhtah. 

Its vendetta is against a few things. sexual freedom, atheism, pro choice but mostly gender dismorphia likely due to it’s own gender idenity issues. Another thing that it tries to destroy are top Quoran’s. Because Quora is for questions and answers. You have a problem with creative writers because you have no creativity. You want a boring Quora with more real writers like Jon Mixon! The cure for insomnia himself! 

But you Japhtah! You fucked up my story arc! For that I hope you… 

Purchase tiny captain socks

Buy Tiny Captain socks! Available on Amazon! 

The ending of Hogan’s story arc was going to be epic. But I needed to be edit blocked by Quora for a while. I’d figure they’d block me first, let me come back, then ban me. I don’t care that my account with 7 million views in one year is gone. Hogan Torah told Quora to delete his profile. Zero fucks given. 

But I really, really hate being interrupted when I’m doing a narrative. How dare you? I drive traffic. No one believes you exist. You google my name and the shit that comes up on the screen is me. Google your name… You don’t have a name. What do I google? Japhtah? Her name? That’s not you. Your most popular profile is a glorified spell check bot. This is me.  


My name auto fills bitch. You’re not even a real person. 

A troll is funny. I’m funny. You are just cancer. And the person behind it all is really… You of all people! Who would believe me? I gotta give you props, you are smart but your writing no matter who you pretend to be sucks. Fucking grammar Nazi. And you are the biggest bigot on that shit show. You can have it. I don’t need Quora. You do. 

Keep talking shit with the answers though please. I’m loving you keeping the torch alive. Don’t let them ever forget. You need some better questions though. You have zero imagination. And that’s one of your several tells.  Check out it’s pathetic attempts at insults!

“Does Hogan Torah look faggy doing hip-hop dancing?”

hogan torah hip-hop dancing

No, I look awesome. As I always do.

What kind of shit is that? Do better. Sorry you had me banned me so you’re out of material. Check out my website right here hogantorah.com it’s updated every day!

You think calling me a fag bothers me? I wrote a story about the time I tried kissing a dude. Here’s some ideas for questions that don’t make you sound so fucking stupid.  

“Why does Hogan Torah/Logan Mora pick his nose and eat it?” 

“How does Logan Mora/Hogan Torah manage his herpes?”

“Why do I enjoy sexual relations with Hogan Torah’s mother if I’m trans?”

Ooh! Ask if they think I’m a vampire! Yeah! Do that! “Is Hogan Torah really a vampire?” And somebody (I wonder who) answers like.  

Well, I don’t know but let’s talk about me who ever I am. Ms. Rimes has never shown her asshole. One time I saw twelve different pictures of assholes and none of them were hers. I admit, I was skeptical at first too. Personally, I need to see proof in the form of hard evidence that these 15 assholes that are allegedly all the same one giant asshole are the same asshole. Because Rimes with silly has an email address and she emails people and…


Her pictures don’t come up on google image search. That doesn’t mean the person posting is her. It would mean they’re private pictures not used elsewhere. All it means when they don’t show up in search is, they aren’t indexed on the web in a public place so it doesn’t show up in search results. Meaning these particular pictures have never been posted. 

So, you must be using pictures of some young girl you know or are related to. Yuck.  


Lily Rimes 

Chloe Lynn 

Emily Cross 

Clara Bria 

Photoshop freckles. Neat.

Kate Lidell 

Alice Aura

Speaking of, then who’s pussy… Oh. Oh my. Wait Holy shit! Okay, that’s just That’s funny. Not very christian, but funny. I haven’t even posted my genitals. 65 year old woman naked? I give you style points for nailing me on that one the way you did. Your persistence and patience flatters me to know end. You totally found my hot button and pressed it. 

You don’t like having her pictures up, do you? I can’t say I blame you. Too bad. Can’t pull my shit down. This ain’t Quora. You posted her pics in the first place. Now I posted and tagged them for SEO purposes so you can’t use them again. You gonna try to sue me like you did Micheal? Come at me bro! my lawyer is awesome! http://www.ko-legal.com She will shred your ass! That’s no threat that’s a promise. 

Here’s the thing. I’m thinking you go your way and I’ll go mine. Hogan Torah is not coming back to Quora. I’m sure the Quoran people would have loved watching the me vs you war. But girl, you scare the shit out of me. I respect your skills. You are on a different level than anything I’ve seen. Fighting you is a losing battle and If I expose anymore, I just look crazy. Japhtah is victorious. Well played. Good day.

Please keep up talking shit in question form, just do it better. I thought you scouted me really well, but you have no creativity. Have someone who isn’t boring help you with the next batch. Mkay? Thanks for the attention. I love it.

Because the chin don’t lie. Like mother like daughter you sick fuck. You go your way, I’ll go mine and this paragraph will be the last word I speak of this. You have way more to lose than I do. Let this be the end. Leave Adminland alone. Otherwise I will erase all of your boring writing from all your sockpuppets that you have spent years of your wasted pathetic existence organizing so meticulously. I don’t need to do anything. God will punish you. This ends now. 

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