The Day I Gave Tom Petty’s Daughter a Ride Home And He Made me a Quesadilla

I grew up in Los Angeles. When I was 15 I met a girl and fell hopelessly in love with her.

She said she loved me too but only as a friend. She was my best friend who taught me what it was to be friend-zoned.  I wasn’t quite obsessed but I did drive by her house in my gold Acura Integra once or twice a week. Just checking to see if her bedroom light was on. If it was, I’d honk my horn and do a burnout. If the light was off on I’d honk my horn for longer then do a burnout.

Her name was Cat. Her middle name was her mother’s maiden name. Her Grandfather was Frank Costello. The influential mobster who was portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the Departed he had been dead a decade before Cat was born. This story takes place around 1997 when Cat was 16.

That year I graduated high school and chose to take a semester off before starting college. When you are attractive 19 year old in Los Angeles the world is your oyster. I smoked a lot of pot and played video games when I wasn’t driving Cat and her friends wherever they wanted to go. We were always hanging out at her parents house. One day Cat’s mom told me she had joined a book group and asked if I could give Cat a ride home twice a week. That was a no brainier.

Cat went to the most expensive all girls private Catholic high school in Los Angeles. The student body was celebuspawn and what a body it was. They were all drop dead gorgeous and wearing Catholic school girls uniforms.

The first time I picked her up was an experience. She warned me that the girls she went to school with were boy crazy. If the girls saw any guy inside the campus they would immediately start doing their makeup and preen themselves to get his attention. I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. And there were hundreds of them! All wearing Catholic School girl uniforms! It was like a Britney Fox music video.

Not only did I get to pick Cat up from school, she often had friends who needed a ride. Everyone at the school was hot and Cat’s friends were no exception.

One of her classmates was a tall blonde named Kim. Kim was, uh.. Exotic looking? She lived in the other direction from Cat’s but whatever Cat asked I did. Cat had told me Kim thought I was cute. We were giving Kim a ride home one day and she was acting extra spazzy.

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I was oblivious then but knowing what I do now she was crushing on me something fierce. My blinders were on and I could only look at Cat.

Kim waved to the guard for the development in the hills of Bel Air where she lived and he opened the gate. Then the three of us pull up to the gate to her house which had another guard at it. We were all rich kids but two guarded gates? Who was this girl?

Kim Petty Instagram

“My Dad’s home from tour. Wanna meet him?” She cooed at me.

“Let’s go in. Her Dad’s pretty cool. He’s a rock star or something.” Cat reaffirmed

“Sure. I gotta pee anyways.” I said.

The entry way was nice with a double staircase. I always liked those.

I asked Kim where her bathroom was.

“Right down that hall and make a left. It’s the one with the toilet in it. If you do not see a toilet please don’t pee in my closet.” Said a very familiar voice.

And then I saw this thin tall man in the kitchen and oh my god it’s Tom Petty.

Sara Rasul art

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I was a in awe. I’m a massive Tom Petty fan/ starstruck doesn’t begin to describe it. I was drawn to him like Sméagol to the one ring. I levitated over with my hand out and started to introduce myself.

“Didn’t you need to pee?” Asked Tom. Whoops. I went to the bathroom.

“We’re peeing in Tom Petty’s toilet.” I said to my dick.

When we came out he was horsing around with Kim. Pun intended. Tom was either really glad to be home or high as a kite. This living seemed legend genuinely stoked to meet his daughter’s friends, especially Cat. He was surprisingly warm and friendly vs his mellow demeanor when performing. Then Kim brought out a case of silly string and said, “Let’s have a silly string fight!”

So we all grab 2 cans of silly string and had a silly string fight with Tom Petty in his kitchen. Yup. That happened. Can’t make that shit up. I’m sitting here shaking my head right now remembering. Then Tom Petty made us quesadillas.

Kim Petty Before After

A lot of Cat’s friends were interested in me, but it wasn’t till my early 20’s that I was able to get over the fact that she wasn’t interested and that other girls existed.

RIP Tom and if you’re reading this Kim, I’m sorry.

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