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How To Be Interesting

It took me over 40 years to get this interesting. Okay, I’ve always been interesting. My Dad was a frigging Mousekeeter, so I was interesting before I could talk. Most of people who are interesting aren’t born interesting.

Interesting takes life experience. You can say you are a vampire but until you hunt a man down and feed on him you’re just goth. Cool Doc Martins though. Hot Topic?

You want a story to tell? Take the challenge.

Hogan Torah challenge

  1. Get up
  2. Leave your phone, wallet and everything but 5 bucks and your ID.
  3. Walk 10 miles in a direction.
  4. Now find your way home.

You aren’t going to do anything interesting while sitting on your ass reading a shit post from someone who is interesting.

I had a really heartfelt beautiful ending for this but my browser crashed. Why am I still using Opera? It was really good too. I’m spacing. Crud. Ah what’s that other thing I say… Oh yeah.

We all have the ability to shitpost online. Your words have more power than you think. What do you want your message to be?

My message to you is put your fucking phone down and go for a walk.

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