The hypothetical fucked up person offering you one million dollars.

 If you had a 999/1000 chance of getting 1 million dollars, but that 1/1000 chance meant you could be fatally shot, would you take the money knowing there could be a very small possibility you could die?

*Knock on front door. Hogan gets up and opens it. There’s an 8 year old girl alone at the door.

Girl: Hi, I’m giving away tickets for a raffle. Would you like one?

Hogan: You mean you are selling raffle tickets, right?

Girl: No, we’re giving them away.

Hogan: I see. What’s the raffle for?

Girl: One person wins a million dollars and one person could be fatally shot.

Hogan nods while thinking

Hogan: Fatally shot or a million. I see. Who exactly is holding this raffle?

Girl: Final Church of Satan.

Hogan: Ah. Makes sense. So when you say could be fatally shot, what are we talking about here? Is this guy shooting at my heart from point blank range? Does he knock on my door? How are we notified if we win a prize?

Girl: Beats me. You want one or not?

Hogan: Fuck it. Gimme 2.

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