I Saw Your Nudes When I Fixed Your Computer

In my IT career I got to skip over the desktop support role. No matter how fancy my title was, eventually you will wind up spending one day imaging desktops or the CEO will bring in his personal laptop for you to fix. And he wants you specifically to fix it. He’s closing the door of my office for this one and says.

“Well I may have clicked on a bad link and have something.”

“Alright I need you to log into it.”

“My password is…”

“Don’t tell me your password! How many times have I told you that?”

“I don’t care if you know.”

“I do. It opens me up to liability. Speaking of, what did you really click on? I don’t care if it it’s trannies or whatever, just let me know if this is some nation state shit again.”

“It was a website. It may have involved Kim Kardashian. And another woman. And a horse. Well, horses…”

“Ah. Ok. No biggie. I don’t think Kiki’s fucked a horse and If she did it probably wasn’t recently. For future reference there is only one Kim Kardashian sex tape and if another comes out you’ll hear about it everywhere versus one specific website. You want me to put a copy of it on your computer?”

“Please. Put it with the rest of my porn. The password is my wife’s date of birth..”

Back to the question. Private photos. They will say something like, “Ah their may be some pictures that are, um..” I assure them as long as it’s not their kids, and they’re post pubescent, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Fortunately my friends are not child molesters. But they are all just kinky enough.

I tell them I may happen to see them, but whatever I see is between them, me, and the computer. Our mutual friends would love to hear what I’ve seen but I would never betray any one like that. And if I tell people about one thing I’ve seen I’ve lost trust with this group and maybe more.

However there are nude or worse pictures of your friend and his or her significant other in there. Who doesn’t wonder what their friends look like naked? I’ll look at the thumbnails of the pictures, fast forward through the movie. I’ll smirk, then close the folder and think to myself, “Well, no viruses in there.”

I’m positive because he was always wearing condoms.

I don’t blow them up on the screen. At no point do I touch myself. And no matter how wild what I saw was or what information I gathered I would never say a word to anyone about it. Especially the computers owner. I think my friends all want me to see them. They want to show them off but if they did that would make them look like creeps. I could just imagine getting approached by one of their wives.

“I heard you saw the pictures Ralph said he deleted when you fixed his computer. Didn’t you?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. And if I did see you pegging him with a strap on it’s more embarrassing for him really. Have you been working out since then? Because you look fantastic! Are those new shoes?!”

So if you have incriminating pictures on your computer… Why! Don’t be stupid! USB drives are dirt cheap. There’s this thing called BitLocker that’s built into most Windows versions. Learn what it is, what it does, and how to enable it. Putting it in a folder named X32COMPUTERSTUFF.noporn is not protection enough from hackers. If you did that the guy who you just handed your spankbox to fix wouldn’t have to be subjected to your perversion.

Guys today have already seen every porn ever made by the time they turn 18, so now they want new material but they’re overweight and never talked to a real girl IRL. So in the quest for new porn they hack good looking people by mass email or spear fishing. It sends all the pictures and videos in their computer to a cloud based server and this happens thousands of times a day. And that’s how your private video wound up on YouPorn.

That’s what you tell her and stick with your story.

  • Charlie Richmond
    Posted at 19:51h, 08 August

    Do you have a mailing list to notify me of new content?

  • John Smith
    Posted at 00:45h, 03 August

    I’m glad to see you up and writing again! The day you went dark on Quora was a sad day for all. I hope this platform allows you more freedom and autonomy over your writing. Looking forward to more good stories!

    – John Smith

    • Hogan Torah
      Posted at 17:35h, 03 August

      Thank you sir! I appreciate you coming to visit me over here and I’ll keep the content coming.

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