Is Heroin the Best Feeling in the World?


Heroin is the second best feeling in the world.

Love is the best feeling in the world.

Love is illusive.

Love is fleeting.

Love takes time.

Love takes work.

Love can change to hate over night.

Love is something you can’t ever hope to control.


Heroin is available 24–7 on multiple corners in every major metropolitan area in the world. Heroin isn’t particular. You can be in love and still have other needs. Heroin is absolute. If you have good dope you have no other cares in the world. Heroin is unconditional. Even if it’s bad heroin it’s still heroin.

There’s only one reason a person would stop doing heroin. Love.

Heroin will take everything from you and you will do anything to get more. Things you would never normally entertain the idea of doing.

Only love can set you free.




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