Japhtah is the Ultimate Social Media Troll

What do Franklin Veaux, Feifei Wang, Sati Marie Frost, Michelle Steele, Elke Weiss, Claire Jordan, Chrys Jordan, Matthew Sutton, Ezra Fabrick, myself, and likely hundreds of other writers who may no longer on Quora due to bans and quitting have in common? We’ve all been targeted by the most advanced persistent troll I’ve ever encountered. Chrys is the only one to assign it a name, so I’m going with Japhtah. There’s lots of trolls on Quora, but only one Japhtah.

I’m not sure what ‘it’ is exactly. I’m not sure if it’s a person or a group of people. I believe it’s the work of one very pathetic individual. This person has likely had over 100 accounts over the years. You can block the account, but he has tons more that he uses through a VPN. Japhtah is working at least 10 accounts at any one time. The troll is probably nursing another 50 for when the other accounts are inevitably are banned. It nurses the accounts for 6 months of basic activity before being active with them. The most well known that I know of was Lily Rimes and the others I exposed for being the same person. The person behind it has likely been on Quora since it’s early days.

Whatever it is it’s very Christian which means not very Christian at all.

Here’s what Japhtah is against:

    • Sexual deviance (I know, nothing is really deviant between consenting adults. But you get what I mean)


      • Gender Dysmorphia – this seems to be it’s biggest pet peeve. Likely due to his or her own gender identity issues.


      • Polyamory


      • Sexual promiscuity – Me! Though I’m pro pretty damn near much anything so long as it’s not hurting anyone.


    • Atheism


    • Pro-choice – The person is the one leaving nasty comments to anyone who had an abortion and is brave enough to write about it.


Even though it’s against these things, it’s not afraid to get it’s hands dirty for their greater good. (See Clara Brea). Like, it is unbelievable the lengths and measures this person has taken.  They will peruse people for years. They are anti almost all popular Quoran’s. Especially the mega popular ones. Kernan, Bates and Habib definitely know who I’m talking about. I found this screen shot in one of Chrys’ answers.

He’s posted questions insulting me to bait me into answering. Go to Quora and search Hogan Torah and see. Search for all the people I listed above and you will see the same things. I think he may have created the Clara Bria account to trap me. Then all the dicks in panties pictures I had to moderate in my Boneyard space. What got me was requesting to see 65 year old women naked twice a week. Repeatedly. Because that’s my hot button.

Deviant sexual behaviors and fetishes of a few inflicted on me repeatedly drives me nuts. The Boneyard was supposed to be for sexy things. I don’t mind people discussing fetishes but not all the time. Fetishes have their own spaces, go there.

So I told him, dude stop. He’s like “What’s the matter? I feel I should have the right to blah blah blah…”

The other thing that pisses me off is pseudo intellectualism. “Knock it off because it’s my space and I’m telling you.”

“Well I think blah blah blah…”

“Listen you little shit…”

And that sealed my fate. The Japhtah the Quora troll only did that that, he did the same thing to me as Franklin where he created another account. Under the name Logan Mora and went around doing some ill shit. That was absolutely not me. I’m not that dumb. And I’m sure as fuck not racist! No way.

Does this look familiar to you?

Someone suggests edits, and it looks like the whole thing is changed but just one or two paragraphs are slightly longer or shorter, so you spend 5 minutes intensely staring wondering WTF was changed.

There’s a Quoran who loves editing and has strong Christian values. But there’s no way it’s her. Is it? Couldn’t be… Or could it?

No way in hell I’d go back to Quora while that thing is still there. That thing scares the crap out of me.

There’s more but you wouldn’t believe it if I told you everything. You probably think I’m insane now. I promise she will be the first person to read what I just wrote.

I need more information on the Quora troll Japhtah to say for sure. I’m done. If this sounds familiar, use the contact form to get in touch with me. But the names listed above know what I’m talking about.


Refrences: Have-you-ever-been-harassed-by-a-Quora-user-Have-you-met-harassment-on-Quora Almost every answer to the question is about the same person.


Special thanks to Chrys Jordan for having the balls to talk about it. You filled in many pieces of the puzzle.

  • "Japhtah"
    Posted at 02:34h, 22 August

    >>And happened to stumble on on an email or comment you wrote?

    Here’s what I wrote earlier.


    While its true that, I am the author of that email screenshot, I haven’t done most of the other shit you stated, it must have been somebody else. For starters I have had no idea who the heck you are before I saw a random answer about your ban. [and checked out your/this linked webpage]

    And that email is from 2018. I haven’t done much trolling since then. I mostly lurk.

    /end quote

    What part of the above can you not understand? You understand English, correct?

    Anyway, as I’ve observed way too often, most people believe whatever they want to believe. I just laugh at how wrong they are and how they react when presented with a truth they don’t want to hear.

    >> but were you the one bugging that Chrys guy?
    Back in 2018… a bit. You claim to be on quora for just one year so you may not know the story…lets wind the clock back to summer 2018:

    There was this quora blog called ‘duly blocked’ run by, the oh so victimized, several top writers you mentioned at the begining of this post and many, many more. Under the theme of ‘I blocked this troll today’, the blog was basically a mass reporting platform — these popular quorans were just using it to highlight a user whose political views they disagree with so that everyone else can report and ban that user.

    Obviously, some users felt this was unfair and retaliated by attacking the blog and the users – defaced their questions, made insults, sockpuppets, trolling, the works. But one “troll” decided to go all out apesh*t – created one sockpuppet after another — en mass to harass every popular quoran in the blog. When I learned of it, it was entertainment to me. To spice things up, I decided to help him “troll better” (that email screenshot is the result. Also notice the “pass the popcorn” at the end indicating it was nothing more than entertainment for me).

    But it soon got out of hand and very ugly with so many insults, harassment, all kinds of threats even those of reports to law enforcement because that troll was sending repeated death threats. I was just about to report Micheal Masiello (a top writer very active in the blog) to child protective services — he had a small kid to feed, had no gainful employment, literally begging on gofundme and yet spending all day “patrolling trolls” on some dumb website (quora). While nothing came of these, I finally decided to deal the final blow. I sent an email to quora’s advertizers with nothing more than screenshots/links showing all the **fabulous** content on their ad channel — quora (the posts on that blog). With wallets threatened, quora management ordered moderation to take that blog down. Mission accomplished.

    Chrys Jordan and other popular writers do an excellent job portraying themselves as some type of victims in this tiny little fiasco. This is the other side of the story.

    >> Wait, so you’re just a really good good troll?

    Ever seen south park? I think season 20. While many portray “trolls” as some lifeless pile of human waste they can feel superior to, south park gave a counter example — Gerald Broflovsky, a perfectly normal person with good family and employment who uses anonymity to troll on the internet because he thinks its funny and nothing more. Everyone else (wrongly) assumes there’s some hidden conspiracy, theorized with substantial self aggrandization and simply refuse to accept any other possibility. It has been that way and will always be such. And Gerald was right, it is funny.

    • Hogan Torah
      Posted at 16:45h, 03 September

      Let me clarify what I meant. When I say you stumbled upon this I meant you found it organically. No one said “Hey someone wrote this thing about you!” I just think it’s it’s a cool coincidence.

      I understand you are not my troll. I know who she is. I found where she lives and everything. In her case she’s so pathetic there’s not much I can do. I feel bad for her honestly. She used similar tactics but besides having no life spending all waking hours on Quora like your friend I can see in your writing you are much more intelligent.

      After doing some more research and putting the pipe down I’ve determined that all these people are not connected. I am just shocked that there’s hundreds of these people running around who have 16 hours a day to devote to this and take it so damn seriously. I got a little wrapped up myself. I was pissed I was was banned but it got me to build this and now I’m getting paid (not much) to write. So I’m grateful for the ban now.

      As far as the Chrys thing goes there’s two sides to a story and I wanted yours. I know the group you refer to. I don’t like them, they don’t like me. He went way further down the rabbit hole than I did with this. It was the only thing I could find.

      So now that I know that it’s not a government conspiracy and just some gutterslut in Texas I guess I should take this down…

      No way! It represented a time in my life. And like you said, it’s kinda funny. I don’t care if I’m right as long as it’s entertaining.

      I also enjoy pissing off the easily pissed. I totally get that part.

      I wish you the best. I do appreciate you coming to my site and leaving the comment. If this is your real email you left I will likely contact you in the near future for an interview once I get better at it. Thanks again and I mean that.

  • "Japhtah"
    Posted at 14:02h, 18 August

    This post is hilarious beyond belief.

    I feel like the real shooter of JFK having a big laugh at all the conspiracy theories.

    While its true that, I am the author of that email screenshot, I haven’t done most of the other shit you stated, it must have been somebody else. For starters I have had no idea who the heck you are before I saw a random answer about your ban.

    And that email is from 2018. I haven’t done much trolling since then. I mostly lurk. People must have been quite bitter to remember that even today.

    • Hogan Torah
      Posted at 17:31h, 18 August

      Yeah I figured out who was doing that. I had no idea how many people employed these ridiculous techniq..
      Wait, so you’re just a really good good troll? And happened to stumble on on an email or comment you wrote? That’s freaking awesome. This would be a great story to tell on Quora. So I don’t care but were you the one bugging that Chrys guy?
      You might have been an earlier adapter. Maybe you taught the ones running around today. I got myself banned. She just reported me. But there’s more than one of them. They probably aren’t working together. I was just on one after I got banned. So I set up this weird website looking website. Now I get paid to write. So I appreciate my troll.
      Thanks for that great comment. Let me know if you write about it.

  • Scott Davidson
    Posted at 13:34h, 28 July

    You really are a fool Hogan, I acted alone in taking you out and do not know of the other you speak of. You aren’t worth the time or the effort required to set up a massive conspiracy.

    • Hogan Torah
      Posted at 23:40h, 30 July

      Ha! Sure lady. Thanks for your comment Christian Coalition. God would be proud of you! Sorry you can’t use those pics anymore. Again, the difference between you and me is people know who I am and the real you will always be nobody.

      I like your new profile. Airplanes! They’ll never figure it out! God’s work.

      Can’t collapse my shit. Can’t delete yours.

      You got something to say, go right ahead. No BNBR or sockpuppets here.

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