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I went to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary for a Colonoscopy One Morning

No, I’m kidding. It was really in the afternoon. and I wasn’t there for a colonoscopy but to buy weed.

They buzz me back and walk up to the bud tender to choose the jars of weed I want to smell. I go by smell and strain. It doesn’t matter what it looks like.

While I’m choosing a mother and daughter walk in and go over to the other bud tender. Mom was 50ish daughter was mid 20’s. I overhear the mom tell the bud tender that she has cancer and she’s going through chemo. She knows that weed is supposed to help with the nausea and she knows nothing and hasn’t smoked since college. She brought the daughter along to help but the daughter knows as much as her Mom. Nothing.

The bud tender helping them is this 18 year old pair of tits with long hair who puts 10 jars on the counter and these are indicas this is our sativas here’s the hybrids we have wax… I shook my head as my bud tender weighed out my two ounces of Blue Dream. I wanted to go over and help but it wasn’t my place.

At this particular dispensary they offer a joint or a dab which is a hit of THC extract with purchase. I always took the joint because it’s irresponsible to dab and drive. After the Mom makes her selection (uh.. I guess I’ll just take this one. It won’t get me too high will it?) She’s offered a joint or a dab.

“What’s a dab?” Asks mom. Tits McGhee explains it. Poorly. Mom goes for the dab. I think about saying something but fuck it. I wanna see this. So they explain the dynamics and it’s decided that the daughter is going to touch the dab to the banger after it’s heated and mom will inhale.

It was like seeing a big rig run a red light and you’re not sure exactly what’s going to happen but you know something terrible is about to go down so you can’t look away.

The banger is heated red, torch is removed, daughter put the dab on, and mom sucks the whole thing down like a boss. She lifts her head off the rig, her eyes flutter and she falls straight back cracking her head on the floor. Everyone runs over. Mom’s down and out. Takes a solid minute to regain consciousness. Fuck. I’m out. I took off and heard an ambulance in the distance.

Nothing pisses me off more at a dispensaries than when they hire their staff based on looks. I once had a bud tender tell me that the OG before the strain meant it was really good. Seriously? It’s like kid, I’ve dropped more weed rolling joints than you’ve handled in your life. I know whats what. Your job isn’t hard but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to try to educate yourself on your product. If you don’t know say I don’t know but let me ask someone and find out. Don’t make stuff up.

Not sure what the aftermath was but I hope they fired that kid. I’m sure if a blind customer came in she’d ask them if they see anything they like.

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