Old School Pro Wrestling Before the 80’s

Old school pro wrestling pre-Hogan era is rarely talked about or mentioned. But it doesn’t really have anything to do with Vince McMahon re-writing history.

Have you ever watched a pre 1976 pro wrestling match? You’ve only seen clips?

Go watch a whole match. No Ric Flair but anyone else. Yes, right now. I’ll wait.

Welcome back. What did you think?

Boring as hell? Headlocks and armbars lasting 5 minutes? Couldn’t finish it could you?

Wrestling existed, but the WWWF champion looked like Howdy Dodie (Backlund) The NWA champion looked like a car mechanic (Race) and the AWA champion looked like your grandpa in his underwear (Gagne)

For their promos they sheepishly announced into the the camera that when they got done with their opponent there wouldn’t be anything left. Then announce the date, location, and time. And that was every pro wrestling interview.

If the wrestlers had a manager, the manager would cut the promo. The manager would talk for the wrestler, walk them to the ring, then walk back to the dressing room before the match ever started.

Pro Wrestling was terrible back then. Whip into the ropes. Rest hold. Whip into the ropes. Rest hold. I assume someone gets pinned eventually but couldn’t tell you as I’ve never made it through a match pre 80’s either.

The wrestlers all wore trunks. The current referees have better physiques then almost every wrestler did back in the old days.

Pro Wrestling pre ’75 looked like 2 fat guys in their underwear pretending to throw some punches then hugging each other each other for an hour. Which is all wrestling really is even today. But with the charismatic, well built, and athletic wrestlers of today you can suspend disbelief.

Pro wrestling has been around for a long, long time. But it looks completely different now. It’s like when the NBA was full of white guys and nobody dunked. It existed but it was boring.

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