Parody of my Cyber Bully

I don’t think anyone should speculate, we need to go on hard facts. So I’m telling you for a fact Hogan Torah is full of shit. He said it himself on numerous occasions. There! I’ve proved it! He’s a liar and drug addict and he punched a baby once.

Now, I’m totally not the same person that got him booted from Quora. Nor am Lily Rhymes though she’s a super cool sexy chick. I email her all the time. Because she’s totally a cool chick who is real.

If your going to get Hogan you have to think like Hogan. So what I did was, I did as many drugs as he does in a day. I had visions. Ideas. I threw up in the sink. But it was all worth it. These questions are sure to do whatever the purpose of these questions are! Like a sword. And guns! A pike ax! I love weapons because I’m massive wimp and they make me safe and warm!

He says he’s enjoying shit talking so he must be doing it himself. 

I’m not diaper guy either, I swear.

These are the Questions we need to ask… Logan Mora! And then Hogan Torah! Because Hogan Torah is actually his clone! I know because I read his writing because I don’t want to bang him. Got it? Good.

  • Did Hogan Torah invent Techron for Chevron oil?

  • Why won’t Hogan Torah tell us his bowling average?

  • Do you think Hogan Torah wrote all these questions? I’m suspicious because he’s usually much more clever. But I think he’s been writing on Quora for a long time and he’s it’s actually that Jon Mixone guy. It makes sense if you think about it.

  • Is Hogan Torah really just Mil Mascaras showing his face and pranking us?

  • Did Hogan Torah let the dogs out? (Who who who who?)

  • When the Flying Spaghetti Monster said “let their be light.” Did Hogan Torah hit the switch or was it a dimmer dial?

  • What’s Hogan Torah’s dog Chicklet’s IQ? Is she smarter than lassie? Who would win if they fought?

  • Why does Hogan Torah throw like a girl?

  • Which member of Blackpink would you ship Hogan Torah with?

  • If Blackpink fought Hogan Torah what would you have them both wear?

  • Why doesn’t Hogan Torah poop at KFC’s? Is it different than his reason for not pooping at Togo’s?

  • How long can Hogan Torah hold his breath underwater before he gets hungry?

  • Does Hogan Torah put boogers in his beard? How does it always look so nice?

  • Was Hogan Torah ever a vampire? Or other undead creature? What was the creature’s bowling average?

  • Does anyone have any Dawson’s Creek Hogan Torah Fan Fiction to share?

  • Does Hogan Torah really need to tie his penis around his leg to keep from stepping on it?

And that’s how to my Cyber Bully someone while being entertaining.

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