by sparc1

Sketchy Craigslist Encounter

I have a wholesale license so occasionally I’ll buy 6 to 100 computers if the price is right and I have someone to resell the 6 to 100 computers to. But sometimes a deal comes along so good, I’ll buy the computers first then find a buyer.

One of the refurbishers had a deal where if you bought 5 Macbook Airs you got them for 289 each. This particular model of Macbook Air looked just like the more expensive Macbook Pro as it had 4 gigs of DDR3 ram and a low power Intel i3 dual core. You could use it browse the internet, just don’t have too many tabs open.

It didn’t matter if it sucked.

College kids will buy anything with that glowing white Apple logo on it and the semester was starting in 2 weeks. I bought a dozen.

I put an add up on Craigslist offering them for 500 which was not a terrible deal. Usually I sell to businesses but these were first gen iPads with a keyboard. Within minutes scammers from across the country lit up my email and cell phone. A few hours later I got a legitimate phone inquiry (so I thought) from a local buyer. She said she lived by the college and claimed to be a student there. We agreed on a price of 470 and to meet outside of Chili’s at 7pm.

I arrived at Chili’s at 7 with a friend because always bring a friend and preferably a big one. I Didn’t see anyone waiting so I texted her.

“Be there soon just getting all the money” she said.

“No rush I’m going to eat” I texted back.

It was 10. Chili’s was closing. After a few margaritas I was buzzing pretty good. Finally, she arrived. She looked like a student at the college alright. We sat down. She wanted to check out the laptop. No problem here you go. It turned on and booted. We good? Yes. Thank you. Here is the money. I’m like cool, I just need to count it.

When she did what she did next I should have known something was up. She counted the money out herself still in the envelope but being a trusting, non shady person myself I was satisfied. I walked back to my car which my friend was driving. As soon as I touched the money I could tell it was fake.

“Motherfucker!!!” I screamed.

I was livid.

Not only did they rob me, they completely wasted my night. I saw them driving away in a car different from they one they pulled up in being driven by a country looking motherfucker and they were clearly in a hurry to get out of there but that was my only chance for ~VENGEANCE! They were stopped at the exit 50 feet away from me waiting for the car in front of them.

I was out of time, I threw what was in my hands at them. Which happened to be my vape. The first gen SMOK H-Priv

Bullseye! What a toss! It arced perfectly and landed right on their back window and I heard the girls inside scream. They probably thought they were being shot at. The window didn’t shatter immediately. As they pulled on to the street I watched the cracking spread until it covered the window. Then it shattered followed by more screaming. My vape rolled off the trunk on to the ground right where the street entrance was. As I was walking to retrieve it. Some college kid came over and was like, “Hey! What just happened? I heard a window break. What happened?”

“Mind your fucking business..”

I muttered as I picked up my vape. Which was still functional.

These things are indestructible. The original H-Priv. The subsequent generations were garbage.

I’m hitting the same one I threw as I’m writing this. It’s a tank.

Then went on my iTunes settings page and bricked it. The remaining MacBook Airs I sold to friends at cost. The fake bills weren’t that bad, but it hasn’t been 5 years yet so I’ll keep that to myself. Sketchy Craigslist encounter.

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