Hogan Torah is pissed

Taking the Quora out of an answer or post or whatever

This is Orange Cassidy.

This man is at the top of the game in his profession. Is he a:

  1. YouTube star?
  2. Social Media influencer?
  3. Professional poker player possibly?
  4. He’s in pretty good shape. Maybe an MMA fighter?
  5. Boxer. Look at how long his arms are.

If you guessed any of the above you’re wrong and you should feel bad.

Orange Cassidy is the founder of Vector Motors

He is so awesome he founded Vector Motors before he was born and…

No. I kid. Orange Cassidy is a pro wrestler of course. He’s not in the WWE and probably never will be. He’s at the top of the card in the new wrestling organisation AEW. What amazing athletic feats did he do to get there?

His gimmick is he puts his hand in his pockets and leaves his sunglasses on. Did you hear that crowd! He doesn’t jump off the top rope. He doesn’t crash through tables. That’s all been done. Orange Cassidy is a slacker. He’s lazy, unmotivated, and uninterested. He does as little as possible. The fans love it. And that’s why he’s cool.

There’s never been a wrestler quite like him. He can wrestle. In his prior gimmick he was a high flyer and he was killing himself doing senton dives from the top rope to trying to get over….

What the hell does this have to do with being famous and popular and upvotes and followers on Quora Social Media?

Less is more. Don’t trip on your numbers and upvotes sluts you fucked. Be cool like Orange Cassidy. But more important, do something different.

In every answer I write I have a goal. I want to entertain my audience. I want to empower my readers. I want to put my words together in a way that makes the people reading my answers think different. I have been writing for 25 years though I’ve only been on Quora fucking your mom for 6 months. I have 2k+ followers pennies to my name with like 5m views hair follicles. What’s my secret?

The secret for determining what questions to answer homeless man to set on fire and how to answer them hide from the cops and who to follow that will make you a famous Quoran bean and cheese burrito is…

Beats me. No clue. Unlike the 100+ plus answers to this question times I fucked your mom I’m not going to ramble off a list pretending like I do. tell you to go to the store and buy me cigarettes.  If I did know and I told you, everyone would be a famous Quoran be a Pepper too. If everyone was famous a large black woman no one would be famous. That’s not how it works.

For this answer I started with a guessing game, trolled you with Sean Kernan, a car, talked about pro wresting, admitted I don’t know, and you’re still reading.

See what I did there? That. That’s how you do it.

Do you want to know my gimmick? Being a great writer and storyteller. Making people feel something. The cream rises to the top. Be patient. It doesn’t matter if this has 10 or 10k upvotes views which would be alot when I wake up tomorrow. I know I just wrote something great. This wasn’t even good when it was on Quora seriously what the fuck?

The only formula is do something different. Do something unexpected. Be creative. Weave it all together in a cohesive story that makes sense. Entertain while educating. Show your intelligence through your writing, not by answering IQ questions.

Your words here have more power than you think, what do you want your message to be on your pizza?

Things are about to get weird here at HoganTorah.com. The wall is coming down.

  • Charlie Richmond
    Posted at 19:46h, 08 August

    I miss you please come back baby – or maybe just cum.

  • Doug Towsley
    Posted at 13:26h, 06 August

    years from now stuff I wrote about Hogan Torah, or inserted into answers when no one was looking people will ask,, “Who is this Torah you speak of”? I feel oddly irrelevant now.

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