jaques e lee bad guitar

The tell-tale signs of a bad guitar player

  • Shows up with a Crate amp and a Squier by Fender with a case that looks brand new.
  • Blames every mistake on his cheap guitar. Mentions how much better he is on his Les Paul that was stolen after every song.
  • Has no idea how to tune a guitar even with his 30 dollar tuner.
  • Shows up with his girlfriend who gets pissed off at something after 5 minutes. She sits in the car while texting him how much of an asshole he is every two minutes which he needs to respond to right then.
  • richard benson all rights reserved

    And the contact for the rights of this picture was Richard Benson himself. So I just got off the phone with Richard Benson. I think he needed to hear from a fan today. I just got material for an upcoming story while getting photo rights for this story. Writing just got fun again.

  • When you ask him to play something he does the intro for “Nothing Else Matters”
  • Can play the intro, interlude, and refrain for “One” everything else he says he forgot.
  • Can almost make it all the way through the first chorus of “Enter Sandman.”
  • When you ask him if he knows anything besides Metallica he starts playing the chorus to Pantera’s “Walk” but wrong.
  • You tell him the chord progression he says, “So where do my fingers go when?”
  • When you give him the tabs he asks what the numbers inside the black dots mean.
  • Remembered the beer and weed but forgot his pick.
  • Bitches the pick you gave him is too firm and small.
  • Can do hammer on’s for days but can’t hold the G or B string down with their pinkie.
  • Needs to adjust his strap every 2 minutes.
  • When he asks when the next practice is everyone just smiles and keeps drinking the beer he brought.
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