The case against Hogan Torah

Hogan Torah. Addict, Author, Astral Projector, Asshole. Previously was kinda a big deal on an obscure social media website.

He was permanently banned from Quora Jul 2, 2020, 12:25 PM

The case against Hogan Torah

He was banned for harassing other users, making threats against them, posting their nudes without their consent. How does he plead?



Yeah, I did all that. Probably more. Allow me to explain.

Harassed? If you want to call calling bullshit on people who were misrepresenting themselves by providing evidence supporting my claims. Yup. I did that.


I suppose I harassed those guys with their dicks out while messaging kids too. Fuck pedophiles. Zero fucks given. I regret not harassing them more. Guilty and proud of it.


Threats against them? Um, I’ve never reported anyone. I’m positive I’ve never threatened violence on anyone. It’s the internet? I’m not a keyboard gangster. If saying that the next time that catfish pops up I’d keep calling her out a threat. That wasn’t a threat, that was guaranteed. She came at me first. I think it’s a she but who the hell knows? But yeah I did that.


But posting nudes without consent? Um, I’ve never posted a nude picture. I’ve re-posted a nude picture when I kicked that catfish outta the boneyard. They weren’t her pics either. Did she get consent from who she stole them from? I did it not to humiliate, just to prove they weren’t real.  So yeah, I guess I did that too.


I regret nothing

Everything I did, I did openly. I’ve never answered a question anonymously. Why? What’s the point? If I have something to say I have nothing to hide. I want credit for everything that I create. Especially if they’re not paying me.


Why the fuck would I be interested in a nineteen year old girl who isn’t real? I complimented her on the pictures she posted like I do all women all shapes and sizes I think are making an effort ages 18 to 80. Though they weren’t pictures of her. I ain’t trying to fuck anyone. I mean, I have fucked people from Quora but they came to me. I’m not like Habib Fanny who jet sets across the globe to bang fans.


There’s three people I’ve had what could be considered a relationship though we never met in person. The others found me and I reciprocated the appreciation. I wrote on Quora to change the world, not bang. I get pussy in real life and I don’t date anyone further away than a 15 minute drive. Out of respect for those women I never mentioned it on Quora.

Why I did it

I didn’t do it for revenge. My intention wasn’t to humiliate anyone. I didn’t do it to promote myself.

I did it for the people seduced by this illusion. No one is nineteen forever. Real people can look like, but most people don’t. Porn is fantasy. The Boneyard wasn’t porn. If I was allowing nudes I wanted real people to show everyone what true sexiness was.

I look around today and I see nothing but insecurity caused by these unrealistic representations of what beautiful is. Not every man’s dick goes half way down their thigh. Mine doesn’t. I never posted a picture of it and never intended to. Real women are rarely 36″ 24″ 32″ or whatever. You don’t have to be to be ideal to be hot.

And that’s my issue with catfish.

Pedophiles? Fuck Pedophiles. I’m not wasting my time explaining why I did that.

Everything else

There’s a few theories  floating around but I believe what may have happened was the person behind all those accounts mobilized her white knights (again). Supposedly there was someone going around with the screen name Logan Mora being racist, posting horrible images and claiming to be me, which is dumb because that ain’t me. I’ve demonstrated the type of person I am.

The Yogurtland? When I started writing I said owned two Yogurtgurtlands when got to Quora as a joke. It’s not like I was making up some elaborate hoax. I was just like “I own two Yogurtlands!” No body was listing so I dropped it and made fun of myself for it. No one would have even known if I didn’t admit it in an answer. See for yourself:

The reason I didn’t use my real name is because a) Logan Paul. And Paul is my middle name. b) Logan Mora has top secret clearance. So much for that. Assholes. I just wanted to tell some dirty stories and for that my career is ruined. Thanks Quora. Assholes.

Final statement

If Quora would have done it’s job, I could have had a good time and kept on being funny. But I had to be the martyr.

The people who really lose in this case are the users of Quora. People like you who enjoy what I was doing. I never hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it. But I can’t not fight back. Not my style. Sorry guys.
The case against Hogan Torah is bullshit. If Quora did what they claim to do, this would have never have happened to me and hundreds of other good writers.
The SEO thing wants me to say case against Hogan Torah again.
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