The Dispensary Experience For 420 Was a Bust

It made me want to smoke a bowl for all the wrong reasons

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It doesn’t matter why or how the number 420 came to be, it just is. It’s 4:20 every day twice a day, but 4/20 comes once a year.

In our capitalistic society all holidays exist to encourage people to buy something to help them celebrate. In the case of 420, we buy weed to take to the 420 festivals that that we bought a new outfit for.

Before marijuana became decriminalized then commercialized 420 was a secret stoner signal like wearing a handkerchief in back pockets was for gays. At 4:20 we smoke weed. On 4:20 we smoke weed all day.

My favorite 4/20 was spent up in Humboldt with while my sister was going to college. Us and a couple hundred people spent the day sitting on blankets at the park passing joints, eating edibles, tossing frisbees while someone played acoustic guitar. At 4:20 we all smoked at the same time creating a massive cloud, then went home.

Back then the dealer we bought from didn’t have any deals, they had weed. We didn’t know what the strain’s name was or if it was an indica or sativa. The best time to buy weed was when the weed guy called back. There were no early bird specials or mass texting daily deals. If we wanted to pay less, we bought a larger quantity.

I was still awake at 6am on the morning on 4/20. I’ve been to dispensaries in on 4/20 in the afternoon. By then they’re out of the crazy deals like 1 dollar joints and giveaways with purchases.

I already had had weed but since I was up why not check it out? Maybe I’d find a story.

The Strain in Chatsworth is my go-to for weed. The shop is small in size, but their selection is one of the largest in the valley. You don’t need to subscribe to daily texts to get the best deal. The budtenders don’t try to upsell me on everything. And they always have $10 shatter wax and it’s a mile from my house.

When I got there a little after 7am there were already over 100 people waiting in line in front of me.

By 8am there were over 250 people waiting in line for the 420 deals. The shops don’t advertise which brands will be on sale or what the sales will be. Just a promise of once-a-year deals and a goody bag for the first 250 people who spend over $100 dollars.

While we waited, they passed out flyers that showed the deals.

I wasn’t familiar with any of the brands on sale except Stiiisy. Buy one get one half off wasn’t that great of a deal. I figured I’d probably take the 25% off of my 10 dollar wax which wouldn’t even cover all the tax.

First, I needed to get into the shop. Two hours after the store opened, I was still waiting in line.

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I thought the line might fun. Meet people, make friends, and have some laughs.

It was shit show. No porta potties brought in, no water, no coffee, no snacks, no nothing.

Everyone in line had just rolled out of bed. Nobody thought to eat or bring food. The food they advertised was still being set up and cooked.

As a result, everyone was miserable. We could smell it but couldn’t eat it. Complaining about the lack of amenities and movement bonded us.

They made no accommodations for the handicapped. The guy right behind me was walking with crutches and was expected to stand in line with the rest of us for hours. I would have gladly waited the extra 10 minutes if they helped everyone in a wheelchair first.

The dispensary isn’t obligated to provide these things, but they should have. Not having porta potties felt like a fuck you to the community surrounding the Strain which I’m a part of.

After hours of waiting, I and 10 other people were let in. I showed my ID and they said they call me when it was my turn.

Meanwhile there were representees from the brands with swag to give away. Most of the vendors wanted me to buy something in the dispensary from their brand to get the free water bottles, keychains, or lighters. I got a keychain for following a vendor on Instagram.

Then I was called by the receptionist and buzzed into the showroom.

No dispensary is staffed and equipped to handle the load on 420, but the Strain is especially bad due to their showroom being the size of a Dunkin Donuts. It was a zoo in there. They had 20 people working and 40 customers either waiting to place their order or pay for it.

I went over to the case they display their concentrates in and found the full list of deals by manufacturer. No deals for my $10 dollar wax, but they had a BOGO (buy one get one free) deal on West Coast Cure.

The concentrates from WCC are my money-is-no-object favorite. Regularly it’s $30 a gram. It’s not worth triple the 10 dollar stuff, but for 5 bucks more it’s a bargain. There was another brand called Buddies I’d never heard of that was $20 bucks regularly also on BOGO.

I like shatter wax concentrates because it’s easy to work with. Break off a piece and put it in your dab rig.

As far as quality goes you can’t beat diamonds. If they do it right they’re almost pure THC and they add terps in form of sauce that gives it flavor. Diamond concentrates usually sell no less than 30 dollars a gram due to the more involved process to make them.

I got 2 grams of diamond concentrates. The get one free were both sugars. Whatever. I also got their last eighth of flower they had advertised for 5 bucks. I rarely smoke flower these days but for $5 why not?

The goody bag isn’t worth it. It’s a free t shirt plus a bunch of stickers, lighters, and keychains from different manufacturers. While 420 is the time to buy, $100 bucks plus the $35 tax is more than I wanted to invest.

My total was $55. After a 13% state tax and 13% city tax the total was just under $80.

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They gave me a ticket for free food outside, but I was over standing in line so I skipped it. I was exhausted, starving, and had been needing to pee for over hour.

After I went home and tended to my needs, it was time to smoke.

Holy crap did I get high. My shatter wax might claim to be 90% THC but the same amount of these new concentrates that tested around 80% THC kicked my ass. I would gladly pay $15 for this stuff vs the $10 I usually do.

The 5 dollar eighth of flower was shockingly good. I was expecting some ancient poorly grown with too many fillers rock hard weed that looks amazing but tastes like hay. The weed was mids, but fresh and tasty mids.

There’s no way I’m ever going early again. That sucked. It didn’t have to, but the dispensary figured a bag full of crap trumped basic human comfort items.

When I’d bought weed in evening after 420 they made it seem like all the good stuff was in morning. Now that I’ve been in the morning, I know that’s bullshit. The afternoon is as good as it gets.

Sometimes you just need to experience things for yourself. It gave me something to write about.

Tell me about your 420. Doesn’t need to be the last one. What does 420 mean to you? Tell me a weed story.