The Dumbest TV Show That I Can’t Forget



Someone was paid to make this logo. And someone gave the OK to put it on not quite national television,

The year was 1992 and the 4th network Fox finally had something other than the Simpsons people watched. Sunday night at 7 Cops! At 8 The Simpsons! 8:30 King of the Hill! 9 In Living Color! 9:30 Married.. With Children.

I’m guessing the idea was put as much crap as possible in the fan and use the boost of being on the same channel same night as the Simpson’s. In Fall of ’92 The Sunday night block of network programs started at 6:30 and ended at 11:00. Bringing up the caboose was Woops!

How do I remember this this?

The show was on the air for a whopping 2 months. They made 13 episodes but only aired 10 before they yanked it. The same way I know all the words to Parents Just Don’t Understand by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. It stuck. What did I do one week ago? Beats me.

Whoops cast

From left: Yuppie capitalist, Maryanne, Grunge Solo, Howie Mandel and Steve Gutenberg’s lovechild, Blow-dry McGhee, and The Black Guy.

Kids somehow trigger the president’s button on the nuclear football causing global thermal nuclear war. Woops! Boom! So our survivors crawl out of the fields barely alive… Nah they drove up separately with not a scratch on anyone. Everyone and thing else was vaporized. Except for mutant animals that try to kill them occasionally. The farm was owned by a survivalist so there’s tons of food, water, and even electricity which they use 95% of blow-drying their hair.

Think Gilligan’s Island meets Herman’s Head. So they set the stage for a post apocalyptic wasteland but realized It would be cheaper if they only used one set. The first house they roll up to has everything they’ll ever need. And a blow dryer. The owner is probably dead. Maybe he would have been a guest star in the second season? Reoccurring themes were; Yuppy can’t stop being a capitalist. Grunge Solo does homeless guy stuff even though they have a house no one sleeps in. The Black Guy would pop up with one liners but its not racist because hes a doctor. The show centered around the curly hair people because somebody had to have sex but they never actually took grandma to Applebee’s. Very little is written about this show because it was awful. Just awful. Fucking terrible it was.

The only logical explanation is one of these people had sex with Rupert Murdoch. My money is on Howie JR.

I watched deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, some one claims this never happened.

That’s Woops!

That was dumb, but if you want terrible…

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour was way worse but more well known. Here’s the most cringy 3 minutes of network TV ever:

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