The Manliest Beverages

  • Whisky. Neat.
  • Prairie fire
    • Tequila and Tabasco
  • Slurpee (chugged)
  • Land Mine
    • 5 shot glasses. 3 water. One vodka. One Gin. Much fun can be had with this…
  • New Jersey Turnpike or Mat shot
  • LA water
    • Like a Long Island iced tea only purple. I forget why.
  • Piledriver
    • Prune juice and Vodka
  • Milwaukee’s Best Ice
  • Faderade or Jocktails
    • Empty 3/4 Gatorade from a bottle. Replace with vodka.
  • Breast milk
  • Edward 40 hands
    • Tape a 40 of Mickey’s to the palm of both hands with duct tape. Must finish before you take them off. Gotta pee? Finish it.
  • Thunderbird
  • Incredible Hulk
    • Conic and Hpnotiq
  • Kamikaze (but you have to drink 10 or more)
  • Hand sanitizer

And them’s some Manly Beverages. Thank you for attending my TED talk.

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