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The Worst Pro Wrestler Ever

This will not be a popular answer. Some people love him and his high dive trampoline flippy crap. He’s just plain dangerous in the ring and he’s had a career for 3 decades at the top. There is no wrestler less deserving to be near the top of the card than Shane McMahon.

What are you talking about? Shane’s awesome! No, he really isn’t. He jumps off high things. He jumps far! He’s so athletic! Nope. He’s dangerous. His move set is all of the stupidest lucha libre moves ever conceived. But more importantly Shane hurts people.

Poor AJ. I had to turn that match off. Shane was dangerous the first time and now he’s 15 years older and just can’t jump that far anymore. So he just uses AJ’s head to cushion the fall. Then drops him on his head another half dozen times. I imagine when other wrestlers find out they’re wrestling him they’re like, “Fuck! Who did I piss off?” Hopefully they get a bonus to sell his nonsensical leaping shoulder blocks and have their careers shorted by taking his dozen botched neck breaker variations. Look at that lardass and tell me who he’s been in the ring with that couldn’t lay him out in real life in five seconds flat? He should spend less time perfecting that jump over one arm DDT that he’s only done right one time with Shawn Michaels and learn to throw punch.

He puts his fist out in front of people! His punches are the worst of all time and that’s his gimmick!

If you can prove otherwise feel free to leave a comment.

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