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There Was no Horse in Our Drive Through Order

I was eating a hamburger in my car in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in a very urban area with my girlfriend. She was looking at something on her phone while I was making quick work of the three 89 cent hamburgers I ordered.

Then I saw it. A horse. In some odd ceremonial garb. Galloping down the middle of the street. By itself.

This was no small street either. Three lanes in both directions with a center lane for turning. It crossed the intersection on its way towards even more traffic.

I tried to alert my girlfriend but she had her head buried in her phone.

I looked at the car next to me, which had another guy desperately trying to get his girlfriend’s attention.

Our eyes met, we pointed at each other and said, “You saw it!”

We really did see it. Another friend of mine apparently was the one who stopped the horse before disaster struck at the next intersection. It had bucked its polo-playing rider and escaped an equestrian center down the street.

Not even close to the weirdest thing I’ve witnessed in Los Angeles. But it’s the most random thing that’s happened to me that doesn’t involve Andy Dick.