Brady bunch variety hour

Variety Shows Existed But Were Terrible.

Variety Shows

In the early days of television, networks broadcast their content for only a few hours a day. There was news, sports, and entertainment like singing and dancing. As time went on sitcoms, soap operas, and pro wrestling were added to fill the extending broadcast hours.

Variety shows were originally entertaining television programming. The shows featured a variety of performers doing what they do best. Performing. On The Dean Martin Show (1965–1974) Dean and guests would sing. The Carol Burnett Show (1967–1978) was comedy. And it worked.

Then in the 70’s to attract more advertising dollars variety shows shifted to a format that had something for everybody. Instead of shows that focused on singing, dancing, or comedy, they just jammed everything into one show. Comedians suddenly had to dance and sing too like musicians had to act and dance. Like when you mix too many colors together, you get brown. Or in this case, pink.

Jeff Altman. You know him as the voice of Slimer in The Real Ghostbusters.

What were they thinking?

  • People that watch TV are idiots
  • There’s only three channels
  • Let’s do more blow

Have you seen the original Saturday Night Live? No the original original Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live was on ABC. The first season of the show featuring the Prime Time Players Radner, Aykroyd, and Chevy Chase it was called NBC’s Saturday Night. That show was revolutionary.

This show was ass. Howard Cosell and his guests attempting to be funny for an hour and failing miserably.

32 alive Rockettes dancers! That’s a lot! Man… OJ Simpson is here! I’m drinking juice.. What a killer show! Right Lee? Sigh.. Can hardly wait.

Funny how Howard specified the number and that they were alive and back stage with OJ Simpson. It’s like he’s recording his alibi.

“They were alive. When I left. The dressing. Room.”

If you thought those were terrible, the worst was

The Brady Bunch Variety Show.

Brady bunch variety hour

Jan is the smartest Brady Bunch cast member as she was smart enough to sit this one out.

Bobby is on his coke break so just put Rip Taylor in the Lion Suit. They won’t notice. No one is watching anyways.

They were insulting the viewers intelligence by airing this. By the 80’s the few variety shows left were at the bottom of the ratings. There have been a few revivals but the damage was done.

Today America will not watch celebrities dance unless they do it with a partner and then are judged. Singing is done wearing masks until they are voted off.

Saturday Night Live remains the same unfunny show it was back then.

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