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New News! Comments work! The Boneyard Returns!

Howdy. Welcome to my site.

I can’t believe I got this up and running. Now I gotta figure out how to get The Boneyard like I want it. I could be positive and tell you this has been a great experience but honestly it’s been a big pain in the ass. Just because I can do this, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather be writing. Oh yeah, speaking of…

I’m on Medium

I have previously stated my feelings about putting my work behind a paywall. Well, things change. Fuck you. Pay me. I spent all that time putting that donation shit all over the site. Y’all click but nobody has paid. That’s fine. Patron is terrible, I know. Five bucks a month? I’m not Showtime and The Movie Chanel. Don’t worry, I’ll monetize this crap yet. I’m smart. And handsome. And able to hold my pee for a long time.

Comments work!

I think. Leave me one and let me know how it goes.


The Boneyard Podcast

Coming late August. I need guests. It will be recorded in a shitty motel in Hollywood. The green room will be well stocked, It’s the only way to get a bunch of porn stars hookers and drug addicts to show up in one place. If you think you are interesting enough to be a guest, email me.

Cleaning this place up

This site exists so I can show my work to people without them having to look at a dick. My goal is to not exceed an R rating for  Well, a liberal PG-13 is how I like to think of it. I also tell women on dating sites I’m 6 feet tall so there’s that.

I’m hungry

Crap, is that 300 words yet? Um… Oh, there’s more.

This week I’ll be uploading more Greatest Hits to

I’ll be writing the story of The Boneyard: You Want Girls? I Will Fucking Give You Girls! Until it’s done. This will be my most ambitious project not counting my half complete book. I’ve alluded to things happening behind the scenes and now the story can be told.

It’s going to be good.

And for the record, that’s not a threat. I don’t do threats. I deal in absolutes. That’s a promise.

Do I miss Quora?

No. I don’t miss anything from my life that ceases to be. Ever. It’s Quora’s loss. It’s also your loss. I ain’t going back. If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense. I’ve proved my ability on Quora. Now I will prove myself on Medium. Then, Jeopardy!

I am freestanding

Hogan Torah or Logan Mora or even Anotherlogan is great regardless of his platform. Let me guess, Quora sucks now? It sucked before too. Don’t do anything stupid like an online petition. I ain’t coming back unless that Adam guy sends his limo to Chatsworth and blows me in the back while I’m sucking down balloons. Then drives me to head shops to get more Whippets while a billionaire slobs my knob. Because there’s nothing gay about a billionaire sucking your dick.

I am the table

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  • James Beattie
    Posted at 16:37h, 19 July

    Not have to see a dick? Already an improvement over Quora. And most of those dicks aren’t even penises.

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