What Hogan Torah Did to be Banned From Quora

When I was very small, if another kid was mean to me or stole my toy I was told by my Mom to find an adult and tell them. Never use your fists. I was a good kid. So I did.

It only made it worse.

I was the smallest kid in my class until about 14. But I was always a small kid. I always stood up for myself but didn’t fight back. I was an easy target. So I was bullied. A lot. Being emotional didn’t help. For the other boys at school it made upsetting me to the point I cried a game

One of the defining moments in my life was when I was in ninth grade summer school another teenager much larger than I walked up to me, grabbed me by the wrists, pulled my arm back, and made me slap myself in face. Hard. In front of the whole class and the teacher.

What happened to guy who did it? He laughed.

What did my classmates do? They went, “Oooooh!” Then they laughed.

What did the teacher do? He said, “All right. Settle down…”

What did I do? Nothing besides sit with my face bright red and cried. For the ten minutes of the period remaining the the other kids watched in amusement as the tears rolled down my face as tried to hide my shame. It was humiliating. No one said a thing to me or the attacker.

When the bell rang I bolted out of there with the tears still streaming down my face. I ran away from that place as fast as I could. When I was alone I wiped the tears from face and vowed two things to myself. I was not going back to that class. And if anyone ever messed with me again I would always fight back.

I get it.

This is their website. I’m not special. I’m just some asshole on the internet. If you are reading this you’re also just some asshole on the internet. When I was banned there were 5 guys waiting to take my spot. Quora doesn’t care. None of us are special.

I posted my writing on Quora for exactly one year before my ban. Hours of my time. 400k words in Nine hundred answers. What tangible things to I have to show for it?


That’s fine. That’s not why I did it.

7 million clicks or taps In one year. I’ve netted Quora 7 million page views with my work.

That ain’t shit compared to my Boneyard space. Yeah, the naked people helped. But something I created gave Quora 1.1 million views last week alone.

Twenty million views total because of me. What did they do? Ban me for defending myself. Which is why I refuse to use my work to allow them to get a single click more.

After I threw my first punch, I learned I enjoy fighting. Physically or verbally. I’m a psychopath. It’s the way I’m wired. I live for conflict. You can hit me but I hit back and I hit harder.

Most people on social media sites have followers. I have fans. There’s people who search my name on Google now that I’m not on Quora to see my stuff. And that’s why this happens.  

I drove traffic but they didn’t do a goddamn thing for me.

I came to Quora to tell my story. I wanted to share what I’ve learned during my 4oish years on this planet. There’s people that are going through the same experiences I did who were struggling.

Drugs, relationships, fired from their jobs, rock bottom, unexpected success, death, kids, sudden self awareness, or maybe they just needed a laugh. My stories helped those people. I was massively popular with teen Quora and what I wrote influenced a generation

The problem is…

When you have a site like Quora where people are given the opportunity to say whatever they want, disagreements will occur. Like in hockey fighting is just a natural part of the game. In hockey you get a penalty. There are enforcers in hockey who fight almost every game but they’re never permanently barred. I’m a hockey goon who was told not to fight.

Quora is a safe place for pedophiles to send gross stuff to kids. Quora is fine with men harassing women so long as it’s in private.

It’s gotten to the point that the kids are fighting back themselves because Quora’s reporting system is a joke. Look, I understand they keep coming back. I understand you need to research the matter. I understand there’s no law that says you have X amount of time from when it’s reported to act.

Sick Fucks

But when some guy with his fucking dick out, and I mean literally. His profile picture is him lying down with his cock erect wearing nothing but a grin. That shit’s up for a week before you take it down. There’s no investigating needs to be done! There’s his dick!

No! I will not blur out his name. Dude wants to go around messing children with this as your fucking profile pick. Fuck you!

A 15 year old girl brought this piece of garbage to my attention. He was mass reported but five days latter Smiling Marion still there. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Once a woman or child takes matters into their own hands after being ignored by moderation, they are banned for life. I knew that. Zero fucks given.

It was time for a good old fashioned raid like we would do at 4chan.

The Boneyard was my army. I had given them sexual freedom. In return I asked for  his address. His phone number. And who this sick fuck was employed by and they gave it to me.

I contacted his employer. I sent them his chat with the 15 year old girl.

And that’s the real reason I was banned.

Was this illegal? Yes.

Did I just incriminate myself? Yes.

If I go to jail for this, good.

It’s absurd that there’s no law that states websites are obligated to protect their users. The only law on file to protect children online is that you are not allowed to gather data on users under 13.

That’s it. That’s the only law they have to follow. And I think it’s horseshit.

Quora doesn’t give a shit. They do the bare minimum to not get sued. So fuck them.

I took all my work with me. I will not have my work used by a company who is solely in it for the money.

So fuck all the executives at Quora. No one is going to buy your pedophile sanctuary. The companies you’re hoping will buy you out are enjoying watching you starve.

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