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What’s Your Body Count?

What’s your number and what does that number mean to you? Does the number of partners your romantic interests have had matter? Is there a threshold for you for consideration to date or marry?

Why are men more concerned about how many partners a woman has had than men are of women? Christianity stigma for promiscuous women carries over into American culture.

A woman who has had more sexual partners is considered more likely to cheat. For men it’s not expected to make any difference. A Recent study suggests men with a higher number of partners before marriage were more likely to cheat, whereas women with a smaller number of partners before marriage were more likely to cheat.

The common myth is that a loose vagina is a symptom of overuse. Stretching is a temporary thing, but even an above average sized penis will not make a permanent difference in the tightness of a woman’s vagina. Genetics determine the size same as a penis.

Our cultural narrative promotes the idea a woman’s worth is tied to her sexual behavior. Men are encouraged to sleep with as many women as we can get away with. It’s a double standard that the media reinforces.

Education is the only way we’re going to get rid of this antiquated idea.

My answer to the question would be enough. It’s definitely under 100. I’m confident it’s less than 90. 80ish is about right.

What’s really my number? Beats me. At 45 what I did with who 25 years ago is foggy.

Does my number sound high? If you break it down, I average less than 3 a year. I’m not a player, I just suck at relationships. That’s another story.

Do I care what her number is? Not in the least. It’s irrelevant. That’s not statics, I’m speaking from experience.

I’ve had virgins, I’ve had village bicycles, and it makes no difference in size. of the 80 women, 2 were exceptionally tight, 2 were notably large. For the other 75ish were all about the same.

When I was young I used to ask my girlfriends what their number was. It was something to talk about. At my age it’s not a good question to ask. Why ask if I don’t care?

When I was 35 I began a relationship with a woman the same age. The topic came up and my girlfriend volunteered her number first.

“Four.” She said proudly.

Four? How? She was attractive. Grew around the same people I did. I wasn’t impressed, I was concerned.

She was married for 6 years before me. Before that she was in one long term relationship after another. I was fine with that.

She wanted to know my exact number. I regret telling the truth. Because then she needed to know who every girl was. I didn’t want to tell her. Why did she need to know

When I refused to tell her, she attempted to figure it out herself through Facebook. Assuming I slept with every girl on my friends list.

Then she started comparing herself to them. My girlfriend was pretty but some of my ex-girlfriends were models.

I didn’t care, why should she?

I was attracted to her, she wasn’t a bitch, and fiercely loyal. Her lack of experience was a non-issue. Sex was great. Zero fucks given that she was a 6 and my exes averaged a bit below an 8.

For the rest of the relationship her favorite thing to talk about was what I did with my dick in my 20’s. She would tell me what they were up to on Facebook. Every. Single. Day. It drove me nuts. They were exes for a reason. I never talked about any of them nor did I want to.

I had to end it. The final straw was when I went to the store to get milk because she asked me to, then accusing me of picking up women because I was gone for 15 minutes. It shouldn’t have taken more than 10 according to her.


A common myth is that tight pussy is better. I say no. It’s not how big or small your coochie is, it’s what you do with it and how you use it.

Some of the best sex I’ve had was with a woman into fisting. Needless to say, she had a large vagina. She had also studied tantric sex and was the personal assistant for a sex expert who hosted Sex Box. She had triple the number sexual partners than I had. And wasn’t ashamed to tell me.

We would have crazy mind blowing sex for hours. Most importantly we were in love, which always makes the sex better.

I have no idea how many men my current girlfriend has been with. Couldn’t be many because she was 19 when she met the guy she was married to until a few years ago.

My preference is a woman with more experience. What really matters to me is how open they are to try new things. I like having sex with someone who likes having sex. I want them to want to have lots of sex and orgasms.

Like the study says, be more worried about a woman with fewer sexual experiences who might feel they’re missing out on something. I’m not worried because I’m giving her what she needs. If there’s something she wants all she has to do is ask. That’s what makes a woman faithful. Giving to her the way she likes.

What do you think? What’s your experience? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email at hogantorah@gmail.com and let me know.