Who is This Guy Offering Me a Billion Dollars?

A billionaire hands you a unique and intricate coin. “In an hour,” he says, “I will tell the world what I have given you. In a week, I will leave my inheritance to whoever returns it to me. I will not accept it before then.” What do you do?

I’d drop it, turn around, and walk away. There is no amount of money that makes the likely hood of it leading to my death worth it.

Let’s add the kill you if you don’t stipulation.

Okay, I would immediately steal a boat. Preferably a small sailboat as it’s the least likely to have GPS. Good thing I know how to sail thanks to the Oxnard Sailing Club. Then I’d get past the horizon and drop anchor. There’s no anchor on sailboats so I’m screwed. Hopefully there’s some snacks on board. I’d stay out for as long as I could while the initial search for me begins.

The question doesn’t specify the time frame I have to redeem it. I’d wait as long as possible for the next part, which might just work if I had the time to do it right. I’m talking years. Six sounds good. Stay out in the boat for as long as possible, beach the boat at night and be a ninja 24/7

Your only hope in this situation is decoys.

Like dozens of them. If I have time to plan the first thing I do is get some fakes made without being detected. I’m probably killed for it here.

Next I would go over to three trusted houses but not the persons that people who know me would expect. I tell them what’s going on and hand them the coin. I tell them there will be other decoys but their coin is the real coin and give them a time and have them wear the same thing. You need to take their cellphones because if they are dumb enough to think I gave them the real coin they aren’t smart enough not to tell anyone. Then I do that about 20 more times. I stagger their arrival times spread through 60 seconds. They will need to figure out how to get there. I hand them the uniform.

I am the 19th person who goes through the redemption door.

Well, would be if the majority of them weren’t lying on the ground with their heads blown off by snipers. The people trying to retrieve the coin from the bodies are trying to figure out what’s going on. Hopeful in the confusion I’m able to successfully redeem the coin, give surviving decoys their cut. Then there will be all these guys who have been standing around for 6 years waiting to rob me. So they’ll probably kill me out of spite. But I’m confident I would be already be murdered or had the coin taken from me and The person shot at the redemption place is someone else.

That billionaire might as well of handed you a grenade.

That wouldn’t be a gift. I wouldn’t thank him for the six stressful years of hiding. Screw that guy. He’s a sadist. If he was a nice guy he would have donated to Shriner’s Hospital or something.

Who is this guy with billion and why is he spending his money like this?

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