Be nice to pedophiles and catfish on Quora

I’m not going to do what you think I’m going to do. If I was, I’d be on Medium. I really don’t care. That’s the truth. I’ve been having doubts the past month if I’m just luring people in to have their data stolen by the shit show that that 3rd rate wordpress template has turned into. They banned me for some something I can’t recall doing. So I deleted my account. They don’t get my content without me.

Hello, I’m Hogan Torah. King of the fuckstory. Legendary storyteller of the early 21st century. Addict, author, artist, astral projector. Receiver of more unsolicited nudes than anyone else in the history of social media. Creator, and intellectual property owner of The Boneyard. We’ll get to that tomorrow.

First, lets get one thing straight. Don’t be mad at Jack Lurhstaap Romero. Jack is my friend. He’s been my friend for years. I know why he wrote that question. It’s because I asked him to. It’s one of those things that when I told Quora to take down my account I wasn’t really thinking of. Like my drafts. Oops.

I asked him to write a few questions. There were 3 about the Catfish, let’s call her Fishdicks. And 3 questions about me and my motives. I told him specifically to throw some shade. He didn’t want to. I said you have to. It was Fishdicks bait. And she took it!

What I didn’t realize was all the unbelievable lies  was things she was doing on a fake account with the name Logan Mora. I always said don’t get caught up in Internet bullshit. Whoops. Oh well.

Who am I?

Don’t get it twisted. Hogan Torah and Logan Mora are one and the same. I’m from Hollywood. Nobody uses their exact name. I knew that I was going to be popular before I wrote my first answer. You got all sorts of weirdos out there. Like Fishdicks. Ask Marcos. He can tell you.

“Why didn’t you just use your middle name?” Well, my middle name… Is Paul. Yep. Logan Paul. Need I say more? I hate him so, so much

I wanted something that denoted my Jewish heritage, which I’m 91% according to Twenty-Three and me. I’m also less than 1% Japanese and Malaysian which means one of my ancestors was either one of the explorer ships and brought a native home. Or I wasted 99 bucks.

So, I was banned. Yes. I don’t agree, but it doesn’t matter. Between the Boneyard and Hogan Torah I accounted for 20 million clicks for Quora. My writing helped their bottom line. They should be the ones protecting us. Nope, in the admin space the kids went vigilante they were so sick of it. And do you want to know what Quora did? They threatened to close the space.

I am on my own webserver and took screen grabs of everything. Now you get the real Hogan Torah. And the real Hogan Torah is mad as hell and he isn’t going to take it any more!

Look at this happy Quoran. Carefree wearing nothing but a smile.

Sorry, but this guy was on Quora for 6 days after I knew of him being reported. Wanna know who told me? A fifteen year old girl he was harassing. Proof? Quora has it. I wasn’t given the option unless it’s in my data export. I was banned for making threats. Let’s talk about that.

I will miss you all. But I will not have my name tarnished and my work associated with that shit show Quora for another second. Sorry guys. What would that make me if I came back under a fake name? Why the hell would I want to.

Sorry Jack. I thought 3 steps ahead. That 4th one got us good.

There’s more, but I built this in 36 hours with the help from Giant Pop and Psionic. See? Everyone in LA has an alias.

As you can tell by the above video, it’s nap and sandwich time.

Love you guys. Love you all. Even the haters. Thanks. Couldn’t have done all this without you. The SEO thing says I need to say Quora shit show again.

I am the table. I am Hogan Torah.

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