Wilson Philips

Wilson Phillips is the most batshit insane pop group ever

Incest, borderline personality disorder, and the big one had her own game show called Unstapled


I want to talk about Wilson Phillips for a minute. The Wilson sisters are two members of the group. I know one of them is the thicc one. Don’t remember which the other one was and too drunk to look it up. The Wilson sisters are of course Mr. Wilson’s daughters from Dennis the Menace fame. Chyna Phillip’s is the daughter of  the Mama’s and the Papa’s. But she’s the one that didn’t fuck the Dad. Mamma’s and Papa’s indeed. Did you really think I was going to get through this without an incest joke? My apologies it isn’t better.

Wilson Phillips first release off their self titled album Wilson Phillips (did these chicks know how to name things or what?) was Hold On. Second from the album was Release Me. So Hold On then Release Me…

Celebraspawn is nuts. I should know. Did I mention my Dad was a Mouseketeer?

Wilson Philips meme

I love you guys.

Also, shoulder pads.

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